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About Us

Here is Who We Are

Let's face it. There are car hire services. Then, there's us. Who are we? What makes us so different: As a Corporate Executive or a Team Leader or an important link in the hierarchy pyramid, you must have hired a Rent-a-Car service at some point in your career. Chances are that the experience you've had with many a cab hire company may not have been something to write home about. At best, you may have rated them just Average+. Right? In 2011, several executives like you came to us with this crying need. And, we realized the potential to start a professional, international standard Car Hire service, along with other hospitality, tour and travel assistance services. Thus, Vinayaka Tours & Travels was born.

No matter what type of vehicle you want to hire, we're ready for you. From an economy model 900 cc sedan to high-end versions of limousines, you'll find a wide choice of vehicles for your every day use. We can offer them either with Chauffeur or simply sign-up across the table, on Self-Drive basis.

The cars we have on offer are

  • Toyota Innova
  • Tempo Traveller
  • Toyota Altis
  • Tavera
  • Maruti DeZire
  • Toyota Etioz

Luxury. Professionalism. Affordability.

Vinayaka Tours & Travels insists on professional excellence at all levels. When you call on us, you'll find our personnel qualified, experienced and well-versed in the service of car hire, tour and travel planning, ticketing, accommodation and other areas where you may need help. They will make transporation easy and comfortable for you.

Waiting, without hesitations!

When you call Vinayaka Tours & Travels, you can rest assured that they'll arrive at your doorstep, right on time. What's more, if you're not ready within the time the acb arrives, the driver has been trained and instructed to wait for the passenger until he/she boards the vehicle.